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Hinduism Today
(est. 1979)
   The quarterly magazine Hinduism Today was founded on January 5, 1979, by Satguru Sivaya SUBRAMUNIYASWAMI (1927–2001) as part of the nonprofit educational activity of the Himalayan Academy, the publishing and research organiza-tion of the SAIVA SIDDHANTA CHURCH. The publica-tion is produced by a small monastic community on Kauai Island in Hawaii to “inform and inspire interest in Hinduism, dispel popular myths sur-rounding the religion, foster solidarity among sects and lineages, maintain respect for the Vedas, promote the continuing renaissance of Hindu-ism and serve as an educational resource for the promotion of Sanatana Dharma.” It employs over 100 reporters and dozens of photographers. It is distributed across 39 countries, reaching millions of readers.
   In 1951 the Himalayan Academy began pub-lishing a series of books on Hinduism and meta-physics. The quarterly emerged in response to a growing need in the late 1970s for a nontechni-cal publication accessible to a wide audience that could serve as a central resource for those maintaining the faith outside India. In addition to articles directly relating to Hindu philosophy, the Hindu DIASPORA, and international news of Hindu communities and temples, the publication includes topics ranging from AYURVEDA medicine to VEGETARIANISM and YOGA. Interviews with popu-lar Hindu teachers, reformers, and activists appear regularly.
   The publication has become a reputable source on the Hindu way of life for many outside the reli-gious community. Governments, libraries, theolo-gians, and scholars use it to research the beliefs, practices, and contexts of Hindu groups around the world.
   Hinduism Today has changed from its first dis-tribution in 1979 as a black and white newsletter to the current full-colored magazine and Internet journal. In 1996, the publication expanded to include a CD-ROM called Dharma Graphics, con-taining 1,500 illustrations of village arts and crafts selected from 20 years of images.
   Further reading: Himalayan Academy, Himalayan Acad-emy, 1957–1968 (Virginia City, Nev.: Himalayan Acad-emy, 1967).

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