lalata chakra

lalata chakra
   The lalata (forehead) chakra is the seventh CHAKRA from the base of the spine in some sys-tems of KUNDALINI YOGA. It is located at the crest of the forehead. A place of peace, calm, and con-tentment, the lalata chakra takes the YOGI to the verge of the highest consciousness, giving him or her every supranormal power. The associated deity is SHIVA himself or, in certain systems, Shiva and his consort in erotic embrace. The SHAKTI, or energy, of this chakra is the highest Shakti, or goddess herself. This chakra has eight bluish white petals.
   Further reading: Harish Johari, Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation (Rochester, Vt.: Destiny Books, 2000); John G. Woodroffe, The Serpent Power, 7th ed. (Madras: Ganesh, 1964).

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