(12th century)
   Sekkilar, whose given name was probably Ramat-evar, is the author of PERIYA PURANAM, the 12th and final book of the Tamil Shaivite scripture, the TIRUMURAI. He was a Vellala, a high middle-caste designation. He is also known as Arun-molitevar, Sevaikkavalar, and Sekkilarnayanar (Sekkilar the saint).
   Sekkilar was born in the village of Kundratur in northeastern Tamil Nadu. He was chief min-ister of the Chola emperor Anapaya Chola. He is said to have recited the Periya Puranam to the retired Chola king at the Shaivite sacred shrine of CHIDAMBARAM.
   Further reading: G. Vanmikinathan, Periya Puranam, a Tamil Classic on the Great Saiva Saints of South India (Madras: Ramakrishna Math, 1985); Kamil V. Zvelibil, “Tamil Literature,” in Jan Gonda, ed., The History of Indian Literature, Vol. 10, Fascicle 1 (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1974).

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